Swami Niranjan

Swami Anandananda Saraswati, Italy

Swamiji is the embodiment of excellence. When observing Swamiji’s life in every aspect, in every phase, in every role, what emerges is the tendency and expression of excellence. He is an excellent human being with all the most refined qualities of humanity.

This is how I would define Swami Niranjan from the perspective of what is the apparent, manifested expression of his personality.

He plays and jokes with us and the world while his awareness is connected to Sri Swamiji, to infinite knowledge, to timeless time, to the core of life and existence. Whoever sees him or hears his voice is touched in the heart and spirit, he can take us to just love him and love all his expressions in such a way that the intellect is rendered inadequate, silent, inadept.

What a great fortune and honour to have met Swami Niranjan in my life. Every single person who has met him feels a sense of gratitude towards the higher forces and to Sri Swamiji for this unique opportunity in life. The gratitude is for having met a living example of an excellent disciple, an excellent sadhaka, an excellent yogi, teacher, visionary, friend, an excellent human being.

Swamiji is showing us the way towards understanding and real unconditional love so we become worthy disciples of Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji has always been the only important aspect in Swamiji’s life which is obvious in his behaviour, expression, teachings and undertakings. What a model for future humanity, future sannyasins, future civilizations.

Only this much can be expressed in words, but there is much more about Swami Niranjan. Words cannot describe the experience of sentiment, affection, or feeling that brings a smile from the heart when thinking of him.

Swami Satyananda has given us the most precious gift in the form of Swami Niranjan. Jay Ho Sri Swamiji, Jay Ho Swamiji!