Healing Power

Swami Kaivalyananda Saraswati

Most of the people in the world are not with themselves, they are separate from the subtle laws of nature, and this is one of the greatest causes of all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problems. Every individual has the healing capacity and most of the sicknesses can be managed by the individual. Our Guru, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, says that in the course of time by the practice of yoga one can become one’s own doctor, vaidya, psychologist and psychiatrist. By the practice of yoga the body becomes flexible and the flow of prana is clear in all the 320,000 nadis. The person increases intuition and attains subtle knowledge of body, mind and emotions.

The mind is predominantly negative. Most of the diseases are due to mental and emotional tensions. A single positive thought can cure a person and a single negative thought can cause the most serious diseases.

In 1970, I had an infection all over my body. The doctors said that my legs and arms had to be removed in order to keep my life. They advised me to take many antibiotics and injections. I refused to take medicines. When my Guru knew of my decision, he asked me to fast for about one week, then have only vegetable juice for another week and then live on fruits for the third week. He also gave me a mantra to repeat constantly. Within one month I started recovering and in three months I was completely all right. The mantras are a very powerful means to change the negative mind into a positive mind, and one can develop strong will power and confidence. There are two kinds of mantras: one is a universal mantra and the other is a personal mantra. Every individual has some kind of negativity in life such as diseases, problems, difficulties, which can be minimized by the repetition of a mantra which is according to the person. This mantra should be received by an expert in the science of sounds. We call him a Guru.

With a mantra your life will be smoother. You will easily proceed towards your aim. Your resistance power will increase and you will develop a healing capacity for yourself and later on for others. When your inside is changed, your outside will automatically change. Yoga and mantra can change the entire structure of your life.