For Front-line Heroes (FFH)

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

In the fight against Corona, while the majority of people remain safe in their homes under lock-down, across the world thousands are active in the service of their nation and humanity. Despite great personal risk to their own health and safety, these dedicated people have come forward and stand as the front line of defence. They fight on two fronts, against the external onslaught of the pandemic, yet they also face anxiety and loneliness if alienated from their community. They work for the welfare of all humanity, and the future of humanity today depends upon their efforts and faithful commitment.

Doctors, nurses, police, central and state government departments and administrators, volunteers and municipal workers, farmers, traders and even the rickshaw and thela walla who deliver food and necessary items have become the first line of defence for their society. The superhero of today does not have special superpowers, fly through the sky or wear a cape. It is the ordinary person who attends upon isolation wards, delivers food, provides medical treatment and makes every effort in the most adverse conditions to give their all in the service of others. In gratitude and appreciation for their selfless service and sacrifice, Bihar School of Yoga is honoured to release an app of simple yoga practices to help the front-line workers manage the effect of the extreme conditions they face every day. Practise of these will help to alleviate physical, mental and emotional stress and allow one to manage situations with a calmer, clearer and more positive response. The techniques are simple, can be done anywhere at any time, and do not require more than fifteen minutes maximum.

Available for android devices at details? and for iOS devices at: https://apps.