Overview of Yoga Vidya Training 2019


Yoga practices have been grouped in a way that participants learn to take responsibility for their health and manage it in a simple and practical manner. Besides the classroom training, discussions, question and answer sessions, the daily routine of the ashram plays a major role. The participants follow a yogic lifestyle with a nutritious vegetarian diet, regular timings for all activities, such as getting up, meal times, karma yoga and evening sadhana. Their full participation in the simple lifestyle of the ashram induces a calm and relaxed state of mind which helps to absorb the teaching. Yoga is the key to sound health, vitality and a clear mind. It restores the harmonious balance of body, mind and emotions.

Yoga Capsule — Respiratory (Hindi) 18-24 February

This yoga capsule addresses the management of specific conditions of the respiratory system and enhances its normal functioning.

Yoga Capsule — Arthritis & Rheumatism (Hindi) 18-24 February

This yoga capsule introduces practices for the prevention and management of disorders of the skeletal system.

Total Health Capsule (Hindi) 9-17 March

This capsule proposes a well-balanced selection of yogic components, which practised as an integral part of one's lifestyle help to create and maintain total well being.

Yoga Capsule — Digestive (Hindi) 11-17 March

This capsule offers a set of practices which aim at optimizing the functioning of the digestive system.

Yoga Lifestyle Capsule 2-6 April and 2-6 June (Hindi/English)

Twice a year for five days, aspirants are introduced to living a yogic lifestyle. The Yoga Lifestyle Capsule brings all the components together to allow the experience of a different lifestyle, a yogic one. The participants are encouraged and inspired to apply and implement the learning in their day-to-day life. The new understanding will enhance the quality of their experience and increase the joy of living life fully.


The yoga yatra training for hatha yoga, raja yoga and kriya yoga began in 2016. Every year since, a further level has been added building on a solid foundation as participants practise for one year a specific sadhana before joining the next level of yatra. Thereby the quality of personal practice, experience and transformation is not based on their whims but on a systematic development as outlined by each branch of yoga.

Hatha Yoga Yatra 1 22-28 April

The yoga yatra offers a systematic learning of the shatkarmas. Theory and practice of these cleansing practices is the focus.

Hatha Yoga Yatra 2 22-28 April

The focus of this yoga yatra is the hatha yoga component of asana and pranayama.

Hatha Yoga Yatra 3 13-19 May

Understanding the purpose and learning the correct practice of mudras and bandhas is the subject of this yoga yatra.

Hatha Yoga Yatra 4 13-19 May

Raja Yoga Yatra 1 16-22 August

The aspect and practice of asana and pranayama as relevant to raja yoga is the topic of the yoga yatra.

Raja Yoga Yatra 2 16-22 August

The significance of pratyahara, the mainstay of raja yoga, is explained and many practices give the experience.

Raja Yoga Yatra 3 23-29 August

Following on Raja Yoga Yatra 2, the learning and experience of pratyahara is deepened and its practical application emphasized.

Raja Yoga Yatra 4 23-29 August

Kriya Yoga Yatra 1 4-10 November

The system of kriya yoga is introduced with the first group of pratyahara kriyas.

Kriya Yoga Yatra 2 4-10 November

In this training, the second group of dharana kriyas are learned and practised. Also included is the practice of Tattwa Shuddhi.

Kriya Yoga Yatra 3 11-17 November

The systematic approach of learning and practice of the kriya yoga yatras 1 and 2, leads to the final state of absorption or dhyana. Also included is the practice of Tattwa Shuddhi.

This science of kriya yoga is one of the most powerful and easily practicable sciences known to us so far. Right attitude is an essential part of kriya yoga; it leads to full blossoming of the potential contained within the kriya yoga practices. A positive environment of right attitude allows the practices to give forth their fruit; an incorrect attitude prevents this. The potential of the kriyas is ever the same.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati


The purpose of the Progressive Yoga Vidya Training is to guide the participants to develop their daily yoga practice into a sadhana which will allow them to further deepen their connection to yoga vidya. To attain and live the aim of each yoga branch and of each yoga practice as envisaged by the seers and yogis is the goal of this training and the foundation of yoga sadhana. Once the concept of sadhana is imbibed, the door is open to live yoga as a lifestyle from 'moment to moment'.

Progressive Yoga Vidya Training 1 1-30 October

This training revisits the basic practices of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, of pratyahara and dharana techniques yet with a difference.

Progressive Yoga Vidya Training 2 1-30 October


After the World Yoga Convention held in Munger in 2013, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati introduced the Yoga Chakra Series. This one-week training is conducted annually since 2014 and is the platform of introducing and launching the Second Chapter of Yoga.

Over the years, Yoga Chakra, the Wheel of Yoga, has been presented as a holistic concept of yoga and the human individual. The various branches of yoga have been explained and their interaction highlighted.

It is a week of intense learning and practical application. Each participant receives ample opportunity to reflect and assimilate and leaves the training with tools to live life in a more harmonious, balanced and yogic manner.

Yoga Chakra Series 2019 18-22 December


One-month and four-month residential training is conducted at BYB, an institute for advanced learning and experience in yoga. They provide a comprehensive scientific and yogic education according to the needs of today, with provision to grant certificates in yogic studies. The combination of academic training and residential ashram lifestyle helps students to imbibe yogic principles in a more integrated way. It ensures that along with yoga education, the spirit of seva, selfless service, samarpan, dedication, and karuna, compassion, for humanity is also imparted to each student.

Four-month Yogic Studies 4 February-26 May (Hindi)

1 October 2019-25 January 2020 (English)

One-month Yoga Training 1-30 March (Hindi)