You Have Made Everything

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The divine power works silently behind all the actions. Is it good to watch her function? Is it good to indirectly challenge her by trying to turn the functions in one’s favour?

Nobody knows anything about divine power. This is a concept. A man must fight all the time, for anything and everything. That is the law. You can’t just sit down quietly because there is a divine power working. Or there is something like good fate or destiny. No. Whether it is sickness, disease, accomplishment, success, desires, ambitions or passions, whatever they are, if you want to acquire them you must fight for the achievement of those as long as you can.

Do not depend on any force. Do not depend on anyone. There is no power higher than you. And there is no God different from you. This is what a wise man should think. We have always been taught that there is someone who is superior to us. Nobody has ever shown who that superior person is. Everything is a concept. Nobody has seen; you haven’t seen. If you ask a saint or if you ask anyone, the person will say, “No, he is beyond speech, he is beyond mind.” This is a funny answer.

There is nothing which is beyond me. I am not able to reach that height but I will be able to reach. Therefore, do not depend on any power other than yourself. You, as a human being, have every power to accomplish. Through the long course of evolution, you have come to a point where you can exercise the mathematical equations of your mind to solve the problems of your life. This is a fact. Of course, those people who are weak, they take resort to religion. Strong minds don’t care for religion. They don’t care for a higher power.

Man has made everything as far as I know. If you are a bit clear in your mind and if you read the history of about five or ten thousand years you will have to conclude that you have made everything. Therefore, why do you want to imagine or why do you want to postulate or why do you want to have an imaginary superior to you? Is imaginary superior? If reality is a real superior, then I am prepared to believe it.

24 May 1986, Ganga Darshan, Munger