For God, Goodness and Greatness

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Sudarshan means having su, the auspicious, the beautiful, and darshan, the glimpse, the vision. So sudarshan means to have the beautiful, auspicious vision. I think we have fulfilled that purpose on our yogic journey. We have had a glimpse, a vision of the direction in which we have to go and now we go in that direction.

‘In order to attain God, Goodness and Greatness plant the seeds of love.’ The prasad of this Sudarshan Yajna is the seed of love which you will receive. In this, there is a mud ball, inside the mud ball is compost, in the compost there are five small seeds representing your pancha koshas. You take it home and just throw it anywhere in the garden. The birds will not eat the seeds because they are protected.

When the water is received, the inner transformation will begin to take place and the sprout will come out. This is actually a reminder of who we are. We are covered by this clay but inside is the compost and that compost is in head, heart and hands. When we mix the compost of head, heart and hands, then the seeds of creativity, happiness, peace, compassion and connection begin to sprout.

The sprout of these seeds represents the spiritual awakening in every individual. If these seeds sprout anywhere, they also represent the strengthening of our Mother Nature and Mother Earth. This is called the seeds of love which we have to throw around in order to attain Greatness, Goodness and God; and this is the yajna prasad.

28 October 2018, Munger Yoga Symposium