For Quick Success

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Jnana yoga is rooted in discrimination and self-denial, blossoms as knowledge of Brahma and bears the fruit of moksha.

* * *

Bhakti yoga is rooted in faith and self-surrender,

blossoms as intense love and bears the fruit of communion with the Lord in ecstasy.

* * *

Raja yoga is rooted in yama, and niyama,

blossoms as one-pointedness of mind and bears the fruit of


* * *

Karma yoga is rooted in self-sacrifice,

blossoms as purity and expansion of heart and bears the fruit of knowledge of the imperishable.

* * *

Kriya yoga is rooted in truth and brahmacharya,

blossoms as the grace of the Divine Mother and bears the fruit

of union with Lord Shiva.

* * *

Hatha yoga is rooted in asana and pranayama,

blossoms as restfulness and bears the fruit of perfect health,

long life and awakening of kundalini.

* * *

Therefore, for quick success, the various methods should be combined.