Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

One can develop excellence in everything – from waking up to sleeping to eating to wearing clothes to talking to behaviour to performance to studies. When one is able to give 100% to anything and everything, then gradually one will acquire mastery over the situation. Attainment of that mastery will indicate one’s excellence.

Connecting to positivity

Different people answer questions in a different manner. Some people will answer from the perspective of what they have read and it will be a philosophy. Some will answer from the perspective of what they have experienced. That experience is based on effort. That experience does not come with studies.

Someone was telling me that at one time he was going through a crisis in his head. A thought came to him, ‘What is this crisis that you are facing? You have lived yoga for thirty years. You have spoken on the subject of managing a crisis, yet you are unable to face your own crisis’.

When he realized that he had to deal with that situation himself and no other person was going to help, he connected with positivity and transformed the negativity into positivity. The crisis was passed.

Everyone goes through difficulties in life but that person had the ability to look and recognize that what he was doing was incorrect, and then he was able to connect with the right attitude. If he can do this again and again, again and again, he will develop excellence. He will connect with excellence. If he is not able to do that, that will be his failure. It was due to his understanding and determination to be connected to the positive that he was able to come out of the crisis he was going through in his life.

Excellence is always expressing the best and giving 100% to what one does: in speech, thought, behaviour, understanding, in relationships, studies, love, compassion and sympathy. The more one connects with the positive in life the more progressive one will be. The more one connects with the negative in life, the more regressive one will become. That is something that people have to realize.

5 June 2016, Ganga Darshan, Munger