Foundation of My Faith

Dear Swamiji

I had been thinking for a long time how to write this letter. As you know, I am a Jew. I have neglected this fact and ignored its significance for a long time. When I turned 60, things changed.

For my birthday I received as a gift special attributes: Talith and Teflin, which the religious Jews wear during their prayers. And a miracle happened! My Jewish blood spoke to me.

For so many years I have been away from the Torah given to the Jewish people by God. It began to attract me irresistibly. Everything related to it, like Talmud, Tanach, Prophets, Psalms, has become my daily routine: three times a day prayers, daily readings of psalms and parts of the Torah; its study is a daily duty of every Jew. God has chosen the Hebrew people among all other nations to fulfil His commandments. And they are 613 in number.

For all other nations there are 7 (or 10) commandments, only for the Hebrews – 613. And they must be observed not from time to time, but daily, every hour, every minute, in every action, thought and intent. They are the moral code that every Jew should live by.

I go deeper into the doctrine of God. It takes a lot of effort, persistence and will to do so. The purpose of every Jew’s life is to serve the Lord. Thanks to Satyananda Yoga, I find in myself a strong foundation and faith in this service. Without my experience with Satyananda Yoga, without the dozens of satsangs with you, without the many conversations, contacts, guidance, advices, examples from you, I would not be able to build a solid foundation for my faith. With respect and thankfulness.

Sannyasi Sri Ram, Bulgaria