Thank You, Swamiji

On behalf of all of us, from the bottom of our hearts, from every muscle and every cell, from all the tattwas, Swamiji, we would like to thank you for this course. No words can express the gratitude we feel. How privileged and fortunate we are to have been given this new vision and experience of yoga. However, we also feel that a great responsibility has been entrusted to us, to connect with vidya and to protect the tradition of yoga and keep it pure.

We came with no expectations, yet none of us could believe or even imagine that you would take all the classes. Every moment is a moment that we will continue to cherish. Thank you Swamiji, for sharing your light, your inspiration, your experience, your wisdom, your smiles and happiness with us.

Nobody can say that Satyananda Yoga is a soft yoga. We have all felt muscles that we didn’t know we had and layers and layers of muscles. We came a little floppy here and there, but we leave fit, trim and firm. I think for the first time we have really experienced the practices and understood the importance of the sequence. It has been an incredible experience and a new discovery. Not only that, but we also feel clean from top to bottom, and inside-out. Many people have told me that they feel ten or twenty years younger. It has been an experience of deep cleansing and rejuvenation.

The new vision of yoga that you have given us with the Yoga Chakra suddenly puts all the pieces of the puzzle in their right places and has given us the complete picture. Our understanding of yoga has been very fragmented and limited, but you have now given us the map and a new understanding. We feel that every day of this course a new door has been opened up to us.

Not only have you given us the complete map of the tradition of yoga and the connection with vidya but the practical and beautiful tools to continue to work on ourselves and make yoga a living experience. We have to continue to work hard, no doubt, but you have shown us that it is possible to become better human beings, positive, creative and happy, and to share that with the world to make the world a better place.

We have been given the zeal, the inspiration and the determination to continue to work for yoga with sincerity, commitment and seriousness, and to continue to apply the yogic principles in our life.

I have left the Tattwa Shuddhi 2 classes to the last because we are still trying to digest this absolutely, incredibly beautiful technique shown to us in its clarity, simplicity and profound depth. It has given us the actual experience of what has been until now an abstract philosophical concept. It has made the bridge between the material experience and connection, and the spiritual experience and connection.

To do the Tattwa Shuddhi 2 – or the introduction to Tattwa Shuddhi 2 – and at the same read the book Yoga Chakra 2 was beautiful and made another bridge between spiritual experience and expression in life, in our interactions, thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

The idea of the seven levels of purification is another beautiful idea which we have received during the Yoga Chakra course, and we will all start on the first level by cleaning our houses, outside and inside and continue until we shine.

Again thank you, Swamiji. No thanks can truly express the gratitude that we feel. We will show our gratefulness by protecting this precious gift we have been given. We will continue to work on ourselves and protect the tradition with sincerity, commitment and seriousness. We leave this course with our hearts filled with happiness and big smiles; and we are all looking forward to coming back for our next Progressive Training in 2018. From the depths of our hearts, thank you, Swamiji.

Swami Maitreyi, Colombia