Yoga Chakra – the Second Initiation

The Yoga Chakra course (1st to 7th November 2015) was by invitation only. One could apply but there was no guarantee of admission. That was the information I received and when I asked Swami Niranjan, I received the same answer; I was asked to apply with no guarantees. When I sat in the class the first day in the open air theatre called Satyam Vatika, I knew why.

For one, I was sitting with my father, Shri Prem Verma, and chacha, Shri Ashok Verma, and of course they had done a lot more yoga, meditation and sadhana than I could ever imagine doing. Also, the people I sat with always sat in VIP seats in the front of the crowds and they connected with Swamiji a lot more than I could do. They had years of yogasana under their belt and surely a lot more pratyahara, dharana and dhyana. Frankly, they were far superior in yoga, both in theory and practice.

Well, I was in, and in a class conducted by Swami Niranjan himself, a dream come true. Swamiji counting the counts of the yoga postures, Swamiji giving out the direction of the meditation. Oh, it was the ultimate opportunity as yet at BSY for me. I was thrilled, I was excited, and I was flabbergasted. I was nervous, awed and inspired so much so that I began to falter even in the basics.

The days flew and merged into one another: the theory of yoga, the origin the present state, the future all in one single capsule – what was to be the future of yoga? How would it be taken ahead and who would take it? I took gulps and mouthfuls and yet couldn’t take it in. As someone said about the class, Swamiji made the information bite size so that we could gulp, digest and assimilate it. Yet it overwhelmed us.

When we did the first meditation in class it was an absolute delight. Swamiji was in his element. He was on a roll. Like a juggernaut he just spilled it all around and we were to take it in as fast as we could. The asanas that Swamiji made us do were the simplest yet they were made so challenging I didn’t believe I was forty years old at my peak!

To top it up, I had my fortieth birthday in the middle of the course. It was the best gift I had ever received to be sitting at the feet of my guru on my fortieth and being initiated a second time.

When the course ended I was on a new high. I felt things were crystal clear. I had graduated from karma sannyasa and initiated into jnana yoga. Oh, it is really amazing being where I am and receiving the blessings of Swamiji. All I can say is “Cheers! I am high on Yoga!” Hari Om.

Vedgiri (Himalay Verma), Patna