Some Good Advice to Children

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Education is the root. Culture is the flower. Wisdom is the fruit.

Be neat and clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness makes you smart and active. If you are clean you will be healthy. Be clean in thought, word and action also.

Keep your room very clean. Remove all rubbish, dust and waste-paper. If you are clean, your teachers will like you. All will like you. You will have a charming personality. Everybody hates a dirty man.

Adapt yourself

Develop adaptability and accommodate yourself with everybody. Then only can you win the hearts of all and attain success in life. If you want to adapt yourself with all you must be humble and loving.

Arrogance, conceit and rudeness stand in the way of developing adaptability. Therefore, be gentle, soft, humble and simple. Obey elders and give up obstinacy. If you possess adaptability all will love you.

Watch your speech

Save your lips from slip. Watch every word when you speak. Never speak ill of anyone. Do not exaggerate but be true and accurate in your speech. Control your speech carefully. Talk little and with measured words. Give up your talkative nature.

Before speaking think carefully whether what you are going to speak is true, kind and helpful. If it is not, do not speak. Mind your own business and do not interfere with the affairs of others.

If you hear a scandal about another person, do not repeat it to others. Never wish to appear clever. Learn the virtue of silence and do not give your opinion if no one has asked you to give it. If you observe the above rules you will be peaceful and happy. People will respect and admire you.

Have faith in God

Have faith in God, in the holy scriptures and the words of great people. Have faith in your own self, in the grace of the Lord and in the power of His Name.

Faith can move mountains. Faith can work wonders. Strengthen the faith if it is flickering, by contact with sages and devotees and by study of holy books. Open your heart to God and become as simple as a child.

Service is worship

Serve the poor, the sick, your parents, teachers and friends. Service is worship of God. Service of the poor and service of parents is service of God. Service will purify your heart and give immense joy.

Give water to thirsty persons. Help your class fellows and make them understand what you have learnt. Help the blind in crossing the street.

Help your mother in the kitchen. Bring water from the neighbouring well, tank or river. Go to the bazaar to buy vegetables and fruits.

Go to the hospital and bring medicine for your neighbours. Sweep the house and clean the vessels. Distribute bread to the poor people, cows, birds, before you take your food. Learn first-aid. Remove the thorns, glass-pieces and big stones from the road. Do not leave any work half-finished.

Become a hero

Do not be timid. Be bold, cheerful and courageous. Walk like a lion. Talk boldly and remove shyness. Be ever active. Take care of your health and be strong, healthy and fiery.

Whenever you make up your mind to do a certain work do it with all your heart and soul. Finish it and do not leave it half-done. When you take a book for study, finish it. Service and sacrifice must be your motto. Lead an exemplary life.