Service to Siva

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Leaving the hall, Siva got into a vacant car in the compound of Madhav Bagh and took possession. A couple of us jumped in; the driver stepped on the accelerator. After a few seconds Siva found out that the car was a stranger's.

"Whose car is this?" he asked the driver. "It is Seth's car, Maharaji." "Oho! We got into the wrong car," exclaimed Siva. "No, Swamiji, it is the right car. It is your own car." "Do you know where we are to go?" "Wherever you wish to go Swamiji, I shall take you." "Will not the Seth be annoyed with you for going away like this?"

"No, Swamiji. On the other hand, I am sure he will be mighty pleased with me and the car, too, that we were of some service to you."

27 October 1950, Mumbai, From Sivananda's Lectures, during All-India and Ceylon Tour – 1950, Chronicler Swami Venkatesananda