Preventing Memory Loss

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Beautiful research was conducted in the United States in the mid-nineties. The theory that the researchers formulated was that as we age there are certain hormones of the body that stop secreting, and when they stop secreting, dead brain cells collect in the brain and are not removed by the blood. When they collect within the brain, the electrical transference is blocked. That was their view. They said that every twenty years the body undergoes chemical, hormonal changes. When you are growing up there is endocrinal, hormonal activity, which stabilizes at around the age of twenty. Again a change happens at around the age of forty, at the age of sixty and again at the age of eighty.

The power of pawanmuktasana

In this twenty-year cycle the body goes through hormonal and chemical changes. Scientists and researchers developed an injection for recovering what people had lost: the memory. In those days one injection cost around ten thousand dollars. Of course, this was too much money, for who could pay that much? Therefore, they looked at other methods that could be applied. They tried yoga, and an interesting combination of yoga was applied: it was only pawanmuktasana part one. Not surya namaskara or other major asanas; only pawanmuktasana part one to ensure that there is movement and circulation, and no blockage.

This happened over a period of three to five years. The scientists came to the conclusion that the practice of pawanmuktasana helps in recovering memory. As you improve your circulation, and the circulation begins to remove the dead cells, you gradually begin to recover your memory. Slowly but surely. They suggested that no matter what exercises you do – go to the gym, swim, or any other form of physical culture – if, every twenty years for six months you practise pawanmuktasana part one, it will clean the pipes of the body. Otherwise you go for the medical intervention, which is the injection.

When I came across this research, I was happy. You know how to do the practice, so why not apply it? Therefore, prevent memory loss with the practice of pawanmuktasana part one for six months as a regular, continuous practice.

15 April 2014, Chembur, Mumbai, India