Impressions of the First Yoga Instructor's Course

Ganga Darshan Vishwa Yogapeeth, 1st–30th August 2014

Hari Om

Due to my previous experience in many 'virulent' western yoga centres and not knowing much about this ashram, I entered it full of doubts and worries.

I knew about it partially, having travelled to India a few times. The seriousness of this ashram came to my ears many times, but nothing concrete and defined. Yet the fact that it is located in a relatively remote area and that it is not much mentioned in those so-called virulent centres, plus a strong motivation to finally understand what yoga really is, drove me to make this choice.

The first few days after my arrival, Swamiji was asking some of the students about their yoga background. I was ready to answer naming teachers, places and various yoga styles.

Today I can easily say that before I came to Ganga Darshan I had no yoga background at all. I knew nothing about yoga. Now I still don't know very much, but I am sure that I have taken my first step on the proper path.

I am sure I will be soon back hopefully with my family and for a longer time. I feel grateful to all: Swamiji, teachers, residents, students and the BYMM children with their contagious smile for giving me a daily lesson of life.

I feel grateful to Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjan, who inspired by Swami Sivananda, made all this possible.

Thank you.

Raul, Italy

Hari Om

For me the first point of this feedback is to say 'thank you', and excuse me for my English.

This was my first time in an ashram, so I don't have any other experience of it. I was all my life dancing around the world without much discipline and method; and that is I think the most important thing for a place, for a school, for a system, to have a method . . .

If you have a method, you have the way, you have almost everything, and this is what happens here. You can like it or not, but there is a way.

Leticia Cestu, Spain

Hari Om

The placid, content waving trees,
The fragrant flowers, humming bees,
The guttural notes of birds unseen,
The colours of the sky 'n' raining,
The scorching sun, silent moon,
The beating heart, singing tune,
The mystique vibration 'n' graceful presence,
Tis the vast expanse of thy consciousness!
Tis the vast expanse of thy consciousness!!
Tis truly the vast expanse of thy consciousness!!!

Dr Samir, Maharashtra