Thank-You Letter

This is a big 'thank-you note' to Swami Niranjanananda and Dr Swami Nirmalananda. They gave guidance to my cousin, Nekzan, regarding his illness, during the Yoga Yatra program in Mumbai, in April 2014.

When Nekzan's cancer was detected he was told that it was in an advanced stage and incurable. Today, his latest PET Scan shows that the cancer is in regression and only 20 to 30 per cent of it is left. His oncologist says that it is almost miraculous. Nekzan's chemotherapy will continue for some time though.

Since April 2014, Nekzan is learning yoga with me under the guidance of Dady Billimoria. As recommended, I also refer to the two new books, Yogic Management of Cancer by Dr Swami Nirmalananda, and Exploring Yoga and Cancer by Dr Swami Yogapratap.

Nekzan is practising yoga nidra regularly since June. He is also putting in an effort to eliminate resentment from his life. He says that he has not reached the same level of physical fitness he had when he used to visit the gym, but he feels much calmer and more relaxed with his daily yoga practice.

Thank you once again.

Sannyasi Shantikriya