Family Samskaras

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Although the world is being connected, human connectivity is lessening. You are connecting the world through technology, yet where is your human connection with each other. There is no connection in the family, everybody is engaged in their own world, believing that they are living in a family. Today there is no environment of family at home. There is no communication between family members at home. There is no understanding of each other's qualities, strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings. This creates a split in the family, and eventually in society and our civilization.

Unity is important and this unity begins in the family, therefore, begin to understand your own family first. You do not know the aspirations of your partner. What is the aspiration of your wife? What is the aspiration of your husband? What is the aspiration of your child? You keep imposing your own views, opinions and ideas on everyone else.

The practice of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra gives an opportunity for families to come together in a pious and positive environment without thinking of problems and difficulties. Rather with only one purpose: let us come together. When you come together in normal situations you sit together,yet your thoughts are not together.

The Mahamrityunjaya sadhana forces you to bring your thoughts together as well; for one sankalpa, one idea. For one aspiration: let there be strength and unity, let there be cooperation and understanding in the family. It is a good practice to create a positive environment in one's own mental and family environment. If it catches like fire then even the social environment will change.

Many things can be treated with the right form of living and the right form of thinking. Not everything can be treated through medicine, however, many things can be treated through common sense. Do you depend on medicine or do you depend on common sense? You depend on medicine. Yoga teachers are asked to depend on common sense by creating harmony, unity, support within the family and social structure.

The world is being connected through technology, no doubt. You are not connecting human nature in any form. You are not able to connect with anybody in a positive manner and that is the death bell of humanity: isolationism. The more you isolate yourself from other people, you become subject or a slave to the whims of your own mind. There is nobody who can inspire you to have a different vision and perception according to their understanding and awareness of life and the journey they have undertaken in life. With the advent of technology there is a decrease of human wisdom. That is the truth and the reality, whether you accept it or not.

There has to be a balance between human wisdom and your outer life. This balance between your quest for comfort, prosperity, peace and happiness, combined with your samskaras and wisdom will make you successful in life. If you ignore samskaras and wisdom there will always be strife in life. Therefore, give yourself and give your children the opportunity to cultivate good samskaras.

11 April 2014, Worli, Mumbai, India