Letter to Swami Satyabrat

From Steps to Yoga by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Blessed Self!

A home where there is mutual peace, where husband and wife do not quarrel, where bitter taunts and harsh words are totally prohibited, where husband and wife respect each other at every step of life, where every family member knows how to ‘forgive and forget', where every affair is treated in a spiritual light, verily that home is really a heaven on earth, a lovely divine garden laden with beautiful flowers of eternal fragrance.

Bring peace in your home. Keep the garden of family ever green and fragrant. Reorganize the scattered patterns of your home. Rebuild your house on the strong foundation of love, peace, unity and strength. Let every one of you have a different flute, but let the tunes of all be the same. If everybody starts playing different tunes, there will be a mess. Both of you should have one aim in life and help each other for its fulfilment. Try to understand each other. Never exchange harsh words. No bullet can really kill a man as the tongue does.

God is all-merciful. He forgives us any number of times. Even a thief can become a saint provided he makes a thorough changeover in his life. A public woman also can reach him provided she surrenders her entire being at his feet. Such instances are too many to be quoted here.

Never take into account the past history of a saint. See what he tells you. It is very difficult to understand them. We mortals have a bad habit of finding fault with others. We make the first mistake and ignore the important thing.

We can change our lives by changing the mode of our thinking. As you think, so you become. Whatever you are today is what you thought yesterday; and what you will be tomorrow is what you think today. Surely a man becomes great not by anything but by his karma and swabhava.

3 July 1956, Delhi, India