Past, Present and Future

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

When one takes care of the present the future will take care of itself. Every point in the present is a point of the future. If one does not take care of the present and only anticipates the future, one will be missing some important link.

One does not have to be a fatalist, but at the same time it is not necessary for a person to be living in fantasies. One has to be immediately practical. If I am taking each step properly and naturally, I am going to reach the destination without any difficulty. One should not anticipate the future and ignore the present.

In fact, there are only past and future. Past and future are divided by a particular point called the present. It is not static, for what is present now becomes the past and what is the future is going to be the present. Time is always seen as two important aspects divided by one point. However, when one does not talk in terms of time but in terms of mind and consciousness, time is nothing but a concept of mind. Otherwise time does not exist at all. If there is no mind there is no time. Therefore, the division of time is a division in the mind.

What is past? What is future and what is present? We are dealing with life. Some people deal with life by thinking of the past and some people deal with life by thinking about the future. However, there are some people who deal with life by thinking about the present, and history has proved that they have been successful in life. If the present is taken care of, the future will take care of itself.

2 April 1981, Milano, Italy