The Choice is Yours

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

There are many people who are entirely free to take independent and final decisions in matters of life. At the same time, they are deeply interested in spiritual life and know the glory of tyaga, renunciation. However, there is something which prevents them from renouncing what they call temporary, and embracing what they believe to be permanent.

They know very well that the ambitions of life, which they failed to fulfil in worldly life will be realized by taking to the path of renunciation, but still they do not renounce.

I am referring to those sadhakas who are free from lust of money, man and woman, the passions of name and fame, and power.

Why is it so? I have two answers:

First, these people are not certain whether renunciation will bless them with all they have been aspiring for. Second, some unseen fear is lurking within them, and this fear comes only after they give a second thought to their proposal of renunciation.

Many out of these aspirants ultimately lose the heat of renunciation on account of the unconscious forces of jealousy. Those left keep on imagining the glory of renunciation while lying in the abyss of fear and uncertainty.

Very few, very rare souls, come out of their hearth and home and take refuge in their guru, whose door is always open to them.

To such souls, my call is, "Come to your spiritual home. The choice is entirely yours."

23 May 1967, India, printed in YOGA, Vol. 5, No. 4–5 (April/May 1967)