The Guru

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The aspirant who is under the guidance of a guru is safe from being led astray. Satsang, or association with the guru, is an armour and fortress to guard against temptations and unfavourable forces of the material world.

If you find peace in the presence of a sage and are inspired by his speeches, if he is able to clear your doubts, is selfless and loving, you can take him as your guru.

He who helps you on from where you are and in whose presence you feel spiritually elevated he is your guru.

The company of a guru is a question of supply and demand. If there is sincere demand the supply will come at once. This is the inexorable law of nature. The number of realized souls may be less in the kali yuga compared to the satya yuga, but they are always present to help the aspirants.

A sincere disciple who is living with his guru should not foolishly sit idle, waiting every day for verbal instruction from the guru. The day-to-day conduct of the guru is in itself a living ideal to him who is observant. The disciple must eagerly deserve and learn precious lessons of life from the personality and actions of the guru. The life of the guru is a living sermon. The guru teaches through personal example and the disciple learns through devout observation.