Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Discipleship is a process of preparation. One should not hunt for a guru. It is not necessary to run for a guru. Otherwise one will come across a guru of one's own quality. A disciple has to go through a long process in which the ordinary being is transformed into a real disciple. A disciple is like an object and the guru is like a mirror. One sees in the guru what one really is. If the disciple says the guru is good it means he is good. If he says the guru is hopeless it means the disciple is hopeless. This has been a difficult point, at least for me. However, one day a great guru told me, "In order to find a guru you must try to educate yourself into becoming a disciple."

Discipleship is an absolute preparation and one has to expose oneself to certain yogic practices. For some time one should be without a guru, just practising yoga. Then one should go to different teachers, obtain the best out of them and have a clear-cut vision within oneself. When the time comes, discipleship becomes powerful within, just as at a certain age passion and emotion become powerful. When the need for a guru is felt, one is able to recognize him.

When time and space are transcended the mind becomes wide and the replies can be had by any guru. Everyone can have the reply but, for that he will have to transcend the mind. Jumping over the mind is important. Try.

13 May 1980, Copenhagen, Denmark