How to Communicate with the Guru

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

In order to maintain contact with someone who is far away, one needs to control the frequencies of the mind. The disciple has to communicate with the guru by improving, changing, adjusting and regulating the frequencies of the mind. It is almost the same as when one is tuned into AIR and then wants to listen to BBC; the wavelength and frequency are changed. Therefore, one must have a greater amount of control over one's thought patterns, especially during the period of meditation. In day-to-day life when a person is faced with problems he loses control over the mind and faces emotions of sorrow, elation and happiness.


In meditation, or any other practice which leads to meditation, like japa, one must be able to handle the wavelengths of the mind right from the beginning. While thinking of Om, guru or Sri Krishna one suddenly finds that something else is happening in the mind. It is as if one is tuning into BBC and suddenly one hears other sounds. This indicates that the tuning is not thorough. The mind should be trained to think only one thought and if other thoughts come in between, the aspirant must understand that another wavelength is interfering with the first one.

The mind must be tuned so that one is only thinking of Om and not what is rubbish and unnecessary. Through this process one trains, regulates and increases the frequencies.

Dolphins can communicate at a distance of ten to thirty miles. If a dolphin is in danger, the other dolphins receive the news due to the adjustment to certain frequencies on the subtle plane. Therefore, the two dolphins, though at a great distance from each other, are connected. During my years in Rishikesh I noticed that monkeys were able to know what was happening at any distance. Scientists think that animals belong to a lower kingdom than human beings. As far as technology is concerned they do. A crow is not able to produce an atom bomb.

After reading about dolphins and other creatures and thinking about the experience of myself and my guru and the experience of my disciples and me, I realized that there are invisible wavelengths of the mind which can be tuned and plugged into the atmosphere. There is a matrix, or field, that connects similar frequencies. Minds have to be connected with a field and for that purpose the mind has to become one-pointed.

Bhakti yoga

The methods of raja yoga, kriya yoga, pranayama and other yogas achieve one-pointedness, but the swiftest method is through bhakti yoga using emotions. It happens between mothers and children. When the children are away and something happens the mother knows it due to the same frequency and the love she has for the child. The extreme love of a mother maintains a similar and uniform range of mental frequency with the child.

Bhakti yoga employs one's natural emotions. Emotion is something every jiva, every individual, has. No one can say he does not have it. Even if one doesn't believe in God, it does not mean one has no emotions. People have hatred, jealousy and strong emotions, positive and negative. It is positive proof that they have that force within, which they are using and expressing in different ways.

The various forms of expression of emotions are called bhava. Bhakti is a form of bhava which is an attitude. One can channel emotions through these bhavas. Dasya bhava is the attitude of a servant; sakhya bhava of an intellectual friend; vatsalya bhava of affection; madhurya bhava of romance, like the emotions of the gopis and Radha.

These attitudes help to regulate emotions and emotions help to streamline the consciousness or mental energy.


Union between guru and disciple can take place. Often the word union is not understood. To be together or united is only external union. True union is when one is constantly aware of the object which is dear, cherished and always on one's mind. To become one with this object is called union, ekatmata. It is not only possible for a saintly or virtuous person, but also for a vicious and wretched person whose daily life is not proper and disciplined. Anyone can communicate with his guru.

Spiritual aspirants cannot be saints due to maya which is all around them, but which is also part of Vishnu and Narayana. Therefore, maya is not their enemy. People are not able to stick to the strict rules of spiritual life, but they can streamline their emotions at least for one or two hours like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Mirabai, the Sufi saints or Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. They can develop bhakti and find that the guru with whom they are trying to have union is not far, but a part of them and well within.

Mumbai, India