Letter to Swami Dharmashakti

Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Returning here after your initiation, I decided to stay in one place for a month and not go anywhere. The old swami was going your way so I asked him to convey this message, clearly explaining the reasons and circumstances. Now I am beginning to think that the old man created some mischief, and you are worrying on that count. Remember, I'm a man of fluid decisions and promises. I break them as easily as I make them . . .

I am everywhere. The body can only stay in one place at a time, but I am all-pervasive. Never doubt this truth. Beyond the delusion of the body lies the vision of atma. Whilst your eyes see only the body, you will not be able to see the principle that animates it.

There is something beyond my body, on account of which I exist and am perceived by everyone else. That is pure consciousness. It is everywhere. It can assume a form and materialize in front of you. That is called chinmaya vigraha, the form of consciousness. We should strive to look beyond the gross, physical bodies and perceive the eternal, conscious being that dwells within. And when That is perceived, I can be with you not just on the eighth of the month, but every day, nay, every moment.

However, for that you have to practice. Knowing is one thing, doing another. Practice alone leads to perfection. Now that you know the way, why this delay? Start immediately. Satsang with me must lead you to atma sanga, communion with your own spirit. There is no difference at the level of the spirit. Knowing this, don't get infatuated with mere physical appearance. If you still desire my physical presence, send Satyavratji on the evening of the 6th. I will come after sunset and leave before sunrise the next day. Make special preparations for satsang and prasad. Till then, goodbye.

Satyam, July 1958