Letters to Swami Dharmashakti

Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Remember, you have to completely remove fear; have no fear of the truth, nor fear of the untruth. Fear springs up because of the things hidden in the heart. Thinking that others should not find out about something creates fear. Partiality creates fear. Attachment creates fear. Criticizing others creates fear, hearing criticism also creates fear. Faith in God is a peculiar emotion. True fear is born when this faith is lost. It is only then that its various shades and forms come into being. While fear exists, there is inauspiciousness and doubt and darkness persists. You have to get rid of fear and meditate. Whatever you wish for, only that will happen.

Desire and anger are our greatest enemies. If you want to gain victory over them, always engage yourself in work. Only a lazy and confused person becomes angry; desire definitely resides there. Do not allow your mind to become lazy and confused. The mind can be freed from laziness and confusion through japa, kirtan, meditation, pranayama, study and written japa.

Delhi, 20 December 1958

Blessed Self

There is no dearth of those who spread cancer in this poor country. In the name of religion, yajnas, shraaddhas and what not, so many have prospered. Those who do not believe in them are called atheists. Those who do believe get conned. We have even opened agencies to buy moksha, liberation.

We have to work with our goal in sight. Through japa meditation, through faith and confidence, we have to quietly awaken the force. We have to give a form to our God and awaken Him. At least for a minute or two we have to close the doors of our senses. Only then will the inner doors open. This is the state of meditation; this path is only for you. When your inner self becomes quietened, you will have to observe mouna, silence, of the mind to sustain the state. This can only happen with constant remembrance and japa of the name. Internal conflicts should end. For now, practise only this much.

Practise asanas along with exercise and sadhana. Learn sirshasana, winter is an apt time, it will rejuvenate you. Learn it step by step, it will take twenty to twenty-five days. Gradually your asana practice can extend up to one hour. Also do uddiyana, not nauli, and you must practise pranayama. You will also have to study literature related to yogasanas. While we may not practise all the asanas, we must know about them. In the winter some asana practice can be done. In the summer, reduce your practice.

Remember, you will have to perfect form visualization in meditation. This is what I want. Do not talk about your experiences during sadhana to anyone. You can tell me as required. On days when you are worried, do not do meditation, do other sadhanas. On days when the mind is at peace, spend more time in meditation.

Delhi, 27 December 1958