In Honour of Swami Dharmashakti Saraswati

From around the globe reports were sent to Ganga Darshan expressing the sentiments, admiration and gratitude of devotees for Swami Dharmashakti.


Bangalore – Forty people attended the program at the Atmadarshan Yogashram, which started at 4:30 and went on into the early evening hours. Atmagyanam, a senior teacher at the centre, shared stories of his experiences with Swami Dharmashakti and reflected on her life of dedication to guru and her connection to the divine consciousness through Paramahamsaji and Swami Niranjananandaji.

Bargarh – Celebrations in honour of Swami Dharmashakti were held in the morning and included Rudrabhisheka, chanting and aarti. Twenty-five people attended.

Chennai – Swami Atmabhishek and Sannyasi Thulasi led a private pooja ceremony for a group of eight devotees. Prayers, chanting and flowers were offered before a photo of Swami Dharmashakti.

– The Mambalam Satyananda Yoga Centre gathered in the morning to offer prayers and respects to Swami Dharmashakti. Fifty-two devotees shared their memories and stories. Sannyasi Krishna Yogam offered an overview of the life of Swami Dharmashakti and her contributions to her guru's yoga mission. Sannyasi Dharma Chaitanya and Jignasu Yoga Ratna presented poems they wrote in her honour.

– Jn Dasharath, and twenty-three students and teachers gathered at the 136.1 Yoga Studio in Alwarpet to pay their respect to Swami Dharmashakti with a candlelight pooja, prayers and chanting.

Jabalpur – In the Satyananda Yoga Kendra over sixty devotees attended the ceremonies. On the Narmada River a bhoj was held for 200 people. In the presence of Swami Girishananda Saraswati, prasad of clothing, utensils and copies of the Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana were distributed.

Lucknow – Twenty-five sadhakas and devotees joined Sn Gurupremananda at the Satyananda Yoga Kendra to share in the pooja and celebration for Swami Dharmashakti's honourable life.

Mumbai – A total of seventy sannyasins, devotees and well-wishers gathered at a private residence to participate in the pooja, chant mantras and offer personal tributes to her life. Shirin Sabavala spoke of Swami Dharmashakti and Satyavrat as the pillars of Sri Swamiji's work, without whom his mission could not have been accomplished.

Raipur – Forty devotees of the Satyadarshan Yogashram community remembered Swami Dharmashakti with kirtan, dance and personal stories that reflected the inspiring life of Parampujya Maaji. In reference to her sharp memory and loving heart, Sn Nirvaanan said that over the many years of meeting with Swami Dharmashakti she never failed to inquire about every member of her family by name and offer them each a blessing. Swami Yogashikshananda said that Swami Dharmashakti never showed anger and described any association with her as an experience of divine love. Sannyasi Chandramani spoke of Swami Dharmashakti's selflessness and generosity. Once, when she heard that Sn Gurudhyanam had been working the whole day at Ganga Darshan and had missed his meals, she generously gave him all the delicacies she had received to satisfy his hunger.

Rajnandgaon – At the Rajnandgaon ashram five pandits conducted Rudrabhisheka. The chanting of the stotras was followed by a bhoj. The ceremony was attended by 250 devotees.

Ranchi – Forty-three devotees and well-wishers from the Guru Darshan Yoga Kendra joined in prayer and pooja for Swami Dharmashakti, sharing stories and respects in her memory.

Sambalpur – Swami Swaroopananda presided over the five-hour pooja, which included havan, satsang, the chanting of Sundarkand, mantras, bhajan and kirtan and bhoj. Swami Tejomayananda and one hundred people attended the celebrations.


Australia – The program at Satyananda Yoga Ashram, Mangrove Mountain was attended by 108 students, sannyasins and ashram guests. Prayers and talks were given in honour and memory of the beloved mother of Swami Niranjan.

– Guests and sannyasins joined Swami Atmamuktananda at Rocklyn Ashram to perform the pooja and share their memories of Swami Dharmashakti, who inspired so many on the path of sannyasa with her unshakeable faith and trust in guru. Following the pooja ceremony flowers and havan ash were sprinkled around the Guru Peeth.

Austria – Sannyasi Antarshuddhi and seven devotees conducted the ceremony at the Bhavani Satyananda Yoga Centre in Vienna. The aradhana included personal memories and poems in her honour.

Brazil – Swami Aghorananda and Sannyasi Gangadhara of the Satyananda Yoga Centre Brazil performed an intimate shodashi pooja and havan. Two days later thirty devotees of the centre gathered to chant the shodashi mantras in further homage to the inspiring life of Swami Dharmashakti.

Bulgaria – Shodashi pooja programs were held at several centres around Sofia with one hundred devotees participating.

– Sannyasins, devotees and students of the Aradhana Yoga Centre gathered to share personal stories and memories of Swami Dharmashakti, who touched the soul of everyone who met her. The program was led by Swamis Yoga Gyana and Vivekamurti, who read Swami Dharmashakti's poem Sumanjali. Sannyasi Tejomaya performed Guru Paduka pooja and the evening ended with a moment of silence during which Swami Dharmashakti's warm, calm and motherly love touched all who were present.

– Swami Shruti Gyana conducted the pooja at the Sitaram Center in an atmosphere of bright, peaceful energy full of gratitude and devotion.

– Sannyasi Tarpanvidya conducted the ceremony in the gym where she teaches, and took the opportunity to introduce her students to the great contributions Swami Dharmashakti made to her guru and the yoga movement.

– Those unable to attend these programs received instructions for the pooja and performed ceremonies for Swami Dharmashakti in their homes that same evening.

Canada – Rishi Arundhati performed a Shodashi pooja for Swami Dharmashakti at the Satyanandashram Canada. She performed the aradhana alone late at night so that it would be timed with the events held in Munger, joining in heart and spirit.

Croatia – Seventeen students of the Guru Kripa Yoga Centre in Pula joined Swamis Gyanratna and Anandaratna for a tribute which they entitled, ‘Thank you for all, Swami Dharmashakti, Guruji's mother, we love you!' The pooja began with Swami Dharmashakti's life, using text and poems from her book, Mere Aradhya. Following the havan guests did parikrama and received prasad.

France – Swami Yogajyoti and six devotees conducted the pooja at the Bija Yoga Centre in Brittany, sharing memories and offering their hearts in prayer for Swami Dharmashakti's soul. For everyone who had seen her in Munger and Rikhia she was an example of strength, compassion and radiance, a model because of her wonderful incarnation of shakti.

– Devotees and well-wishers at the Satyanandashram in Paris conducted the pooja in honour of Swami Dharmashakti.

Germany – Swami Prakashananda and twelve devotees at the Satyananda Yoga Zentrum in Cologne performed the Shodashi pooja in honour of Swami Dharmashakti.

– Eighteen devotees and two children gathered at the Satyam Sadhana Zentrum in Volklings to participate in the Shodashi pooja.

– Sn. Radhashakti of Hanau conducted the pooja in her home. Though she never met Swami Dharmashakti personally, she has a clear and fond memory of her presence during the Sat Chandi Mahayajnas in Rikhia, where she was seated behind Sri Swamiji in Tapowan.

Greece – Shodashi poojas were held in eleven Satyananda ashrams, centres and yoga studios throughout the country, attended by over 130 sannyasins, devotees and students. They offered mantras and prayers, read poems and passages from Mere Aradhya, and shared personal experiences with Swami Dharmashakti. Swami Dayananda and Sn Ratnapriya spoke of Swami Dharmashakti's role in the Satyananda tradition. The Darshan Yoga Centre in Athens, which provides weekly meals to the homeless, gave the day's offerings as prasad in honour of Swami Dharmashakti. The mother who gives birth to a great soul is a gift for the people.

Hungary – Eight people attended the ceremony at the Satyananda Yoga Centre in Budapest. Swami Bhaktananda led the program, which included kirtan.

Ireland – Twenty people from the Galway Yoga Centre joined in the Shodashi pooja for Swami Dharmashakti, led by Swamis Shraddamurti and Chetanmurti. The Irish yoga community sends their very best wishes and prem to Swami Niranjan.

Italy – Swami Anandananda and ten devotees joined in the ceremonies at the Satyananda Ashram in Montescudo, and offered a personal tribute to the memory of Swami Dharmashakti. At the conclusion of the program all gathered for the chanting of Guru Stotram and Satyananda Gayatri at the Sri Swamiji Memorial in the ashram's vedi.

The Netherlands – Due to illness Swami Mitrananda was unable to organize or attend a shodashi pooja, nevertheless she sent emails to Dutch devotees sharing in celebration the great life of Swami Dharmashakti and she has made an altar in her home to worship Swami Dharmashakti.

Serbia – Swamis Om Gyanam and Mudraroopa and eight devotees of the Bihar Yoga Club in Belgrade held the pooja ceremony. In satsang, Swami Mudraroopa highlighted moments of her incredible life of devotion and shared some of the precious and meaningful moments he had spent with her. There was an air of peace and joy at the end of the pooja, as if everyone had received the blessing of upliftment.

Slovenia – At Tara Yoga Center, Ljubljana, the ceremony was attended by 29 devotees. Swami Dharmashakti's poem ‘My Precious Lamp' had been translated and was read. Swami Vishwashakti shared of her memories with Swami Dharmashakti.

Switzerland – Sannyasi Anandaratna and five devotees conducted the Shodashi pooja. They spoke of Swami Dharmashakti as an ideal disciple and sannyasin, her tireless efforts in serving BSY and her unique relationship with her guru.

UK – Swami Satvikananda of the Satvika Yoga Centre in Kent was unable to arrange a Shodashi pooja. She informed students and devotees of Swami Dharmashakti's mahasamadhi and offered instructions as to how they could perform tributes in their own homes. During the week of her passing all classes at the centre were dedicated in Swami Dharmashakti's honour.

– Swami Satyaprakash and devotees at the Satyananda Yoga Centre Birmingham performed the Shodashi pooja in the centre.

Uruguay – Sannyasi Janardana presided over the Shodashi pooja in Niranjan Kutir of the Satyananda Darshan Yoga Centre in Montevideo. Jignasu Shraddha recalled a memorable personal exchange with Swami Dharmashakti in 1993, in which they discussed the joys of crochet and knitting.

USA – At the Satyananda Yoga Centre in Austin, Texas, Sannyasi Navaratri and eight devotees conducted the Shodashi pooja and read passages from Mere Aradhya.

– In Cleveland, Ohio eight students of the Atma Center joined Swami Atmarupa to pay their respects to Swami Dharmashakti. The pooja began with a reading of her poem to Paramahamsaji called My Precious Lamp.