New Year Message

Swami Sivananda

Everyone has a birthright. It is goodness, purity, wisdom and a practical life in tune with the spirit. How to achieve it? Cultivate goodness. Radiate goodness silently, modestly. Become an embodiment of goodness, purity, unity, brotherhood and selfless service. You are essentially divine. You are not just a rational animal. Reflect, meditate and realize your essential spiritual nature. This must be realized through all your normal activities – in thought, word and deed.

There is so much talk of universal brotherhood, unity, love, cooperation, mutual understanding, cultural revival and so forth, but so little practical living of these ideals is to be found. Unless your idealism is vitally and dynamically lived, it is worthless. Being and doing are the need of the hour.

Do not care which way this person goes or that person acts. But do your part fully, sincerely, tenaciously. Be good and do good. Adapt, adjust, accommodate. Let everyone live these ideals. A better society, a better world will emerge out of this. Let spirituality be not a Sunday service affair. It should be accepted as a great universal law.

Before positive goodness, negative evil cannot stand. It is practical, positive goodness that can surely overcome all the vices and evils that one complains about in this world. God has given you common-sense. Act wisely. You will find that darkness gives place to light.

May the Lord bestow upon you all the highest bliss and the profoundest peace in this very life. May love alone prevail everywhere. May peace and prosperity be unto all beings.