Cosmic Unity

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

There is one common consciousness that pervades all creatures. That is the truth. That is the supreme reality that underlies all this multi-variety of names and forms. This is the canvas on which this ever-changing universe is painted, altered, improved upon and wiped out.

Unity is the truth. Variety is appearance. Each unit of this variety is not merely a part of the vast unity, but identical with the unity. The ego’s shell, mysteriously created to enclose each individual, has eventually to be broken in order that this cosmic unity may be realized.

Realization of this unity is not an event that can be postponed to suit anyone’s convenience. It is the most vital need of every hour. In fact, the cosmos watches over every act of every human being and oversees to what extent the individual has been able to progress towards realization of the cosmic unity. To the extent to which one has neglected this urgent task, one has failed to live. The vigilant seeker, on the other hand, makes every moment of life as a human being a link in the chain of ceaseless effort that draws him nearer and nearer to the goal of cosmic consciousness.

Wars cannot end wars. Untruths cannot promote truth. The quest for supreme peace takes the seeker from peace to greater and deeper peace. The hammering of the ego’s shell with shafts of wisdom gives from moment to moment a widening vision of the cosmic unity, an expansion of the heart which includes more and more of creation’s beings in the warm embrace of love. When the shell is broken, all separatist tendencies vanish and the individual is no more one set against others, but one with all, eternal, immortal and ever blissful.

The wise person needs to make a conscious effort to achieve this realization. That is the purpose of life. This is the supreme principle that governs all the activities of human beings upon earth.

This glorious truth ought to be broadcast throughout the world. Everyone should be constantly reminded of this truth. Only then will people understand each other. Only then will nations realize that artificial boundaries are for the sake of administrative convenience and not for generating hatred of others. Only then will all sections of society all over the world regard serving ‘the other person’, who is none other than one’s own self, as the sole end and aim of life on earth. For through such service cosmic consciousness is realized. Thus world peace is assured through individual peace.