High on Waves

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Love looks not with the eyes but with the heart. Love vibrates in the form of service, generosity and benevolence. Love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself. Love breaks down all barriers.


Love of one’s nation, one’s race, one’s religion are but limited kinds of love. Human love is but the stepping stone to universal love. Pure love is a divine flame, ever brilliant, never exhausted. The very essence of pure love is willingness to suffer for the good of others, to put their happiness before your own. Then alone will you grow in cosmic love.


The purer you make your heart, the greater will be the power of your love. Be kind, be humble, be tolerant, be just, be natural. Love the eternal in every being. Make no distinctions between one being and another. Spread the message of divine love and light wherever you go.