A Time of Inspiration

Sannyasi Swadhyaya, Australia

The overwhelming impression of Sita Kalyanam for me was a feeling of the ethereal and of giving, giving and giving.

Paramahamsa Satyananda's presence generated a powerhouse of love to all and his enjoyment of the proceedings was so evident. He gave of himself, he gave gifts, he honoured distinguished guests and he wore different garments to fit the different occasions. His message was simple: there is but one God and to honour God. See God in all and honour all other sentient beings. Love and give. And Paramahamsa Satyananda was a shining example.

• To see his work in action was inspirational.

• To sit in a temple that a week earlier had been a rubbish repository and to witness the villagers using the temple and respectfully doing pooja was a powerful experience.

• To participate in the distribution of parcels to the villagers via the Sivananda Math program was an uplifting experience.

• To hear the greeting “Namo Narayan” all over the district from the mouths of young and old, and to see their faces shine as I returned their call, was truly elevating.

• To enjoy the seva of Indian householders who tirelessly worked serving meals to the hundreds and hundreds of people, was an amazing example of love in service.

• To participate in rituals touched an old chord within me and had a feeling of homecoming.

• To witness the tantric yoginis doing an agni hotra for three and a half hours was wonderful, and seeing a ritual with Vedic chanting, cleansing, anointing and blessing of a crystal shivalingam transported me to another time and space.

A truly inspirational and magical time, where I was sustained by a powerhouse of energy throughout the celebration.