A Special Time

Anuraga, Switzerland

The last time I came to Rikhia was in 1995 for the Sat Chandi Yajna program so I was surprised to see all the new buildings. One of the many things I liked during my stay was the delicious food – it was never the same! There were eight cooks who worked night and day, no wonder it was so good.

There was also lovely music, ranging from Indian traditional singing to an Islamic group that I liked a lot to European classical guitar. One night there was even Indian dance. I do not really like dancing but I enjoyed this piece very much.

On the Sunday there was a Mass by four Australian Christians (two men and two ladies): Paramahamsaji and one of the ladies broke the bread, which is the symbol of the flesh of Jesus, and then they distributed wine and tiny pieces of bread. I did not figure out who was allowed to have a sip of red wine which is the symbol of Jesus' blood. At the end we all had to say, “So shall it be!” a few times.

To finish the Mass we all sang songs and of course the one which everyone liked most was 'Lord of the Dance'. For the Mass, Paramahamsaji dressed up like a Christian, and another time Paramahamsaji and Swamiji put on Muslim clothes. Swami Satsangi also dressed once in white to look like a Jain and another time in a beautiful yellow sari.

The most beautiful thing was the reading and chanting of the Ramayana, which gives us everything we need. This was the late morning program. The early morning program was in a village temple where we sang kirtan and listened to beautiful bhajans.

On the last day there was the marriage of Rama and Sita. Paramahamsaji blessed them both by putting on their rings.

It was a wonderful and very special time in Rikhia and I cannot wait to return.