Lord of the Dance

Swami Anandananda Saraswati, Italy

The first impression was seeing Paramahamsaji when we arrived at the Akhara. He looked very soft and motherly. The second impression was when the Muslim priest and Paramahamsaji stood and bowed to one another. At that moment I saw a meeting of two traditions that have always been in contrast and separate. This touched me very much and I nearly cried.

The next strong impression was at the end of the Mass. During the kirtan, 'Lord of the Dance,' Paramahamsaji came to the edge of the stage and raised his arms up high. I felt a strong energy like a magnet. Everybody was drawn to it, like bees to a hive. Paramahamsaji was radiating energy and love. It was happiness, it was his ananda. I think many things were also happening on a very subtle plane and I experienced a strong emotion like joy.

The last impression was of the energy that sustained us. Getting up at 3 a.m. and just doing what had to be done throughout the day without feeling tired or needing to rest. It continued until the end of the program when we finished packing up at midnight. There was a constant flow of energy to every person working in all the different areas. Yet this year it was also very soft, there was energy but with relaxation.