Paramahamsa Satyananda

To kill time is to kill ourselves. To pass time is to pass ourselves away. We never actually waste our time but only succeed in wasting ourselves. The value of time grows clear only in retrospect. That life is barren without self-realisation is a truth which dawns upon us when it is too late for us to achieve it. Therefore, every moment should be a beginning, and nowhere in the heart of time should we reach our end.

Never keep anything pending or try to consign any programme to the future. Your tomorrows are uncertain and distant. Act in the living present! Delay is the greatest enemy of any kind of progress. You almost assume that you have the power of clairvoyance, and that you can see the future as if it were in a crystal ball of a magician when you decide that the action will be done later. Our motto should be "HERE AND NOW"!, and not "Thereafter and Then".

It is easy to lose something and say that you have lost. It is equally easy to feel sorry for what you have lost, but it is difficult to bring it back. You lose a gold ring, fountain pen or handkerchief. How much that disturbs you! But they cease to matter as the hands of the timepiece move on and the calendars change their dates. The state of unrest at such a loss of things is not permanent when you realise that you are losing your life itself.

When you realise that you are losing your life itself, then comes an unrest which endures all the movements of time. It is this unrest that you need in abundance. It is this shock, arising out of the sudden realisation that you will be shorn of the glory of being alive, that you need.