On High Waves

Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati

In fact, the power is in you.
What you need is confidence,
and a little practice.
Even now, you have that power,
though it lies unseen.
Realise that power
through direct intuition.
Within you is the wisdom.
Dive deep, go in,
and you will realise the pearl.
If you concentrate and meditate,
you will see the Truth actually.
That is siddhi.
Whenever you think,
think confidently.
Be sure that whatever you think
must come to pass.
You nave to realise the Highest.
Minor siddhis cannot guide you.
Hold this knowledge to sustain your practices.
Let the form become abiding
and awareness perpetual;
then you will see the Light.
Form will become conscious;
This is the symptom of progress:
this is the key.