New Year Message

Man is a seeker, you cannot deceive him for all time. He is an adventurer. He has always tried to search for the purpose of life on this planet. Maybe, for some years we do not think about it. We spend our time eating, drinking and making merry. But there comes a moment when the awakening begins from the depths of our consciousness and we begin to question our existence.

The simplest, but not exact answer is, 'From God we come, to God we go'. The exact answer is very complicated. It is a very technical answer. But if it is experienced, it is so simple. At the same time, if we want to realise our own personality, our real Self, we have to work very hard.

The experience of this present 'I' is covered with the notion of duality and multiplicity. There is no unity. As long as you have the experience of the present 'I' you cannot experience unity. You can only experience duality and therefore conflict. Multiplicity and diversity do not bring unity. Unless you experience unity, you cannot experience true love. Love is a much misused and abused word.

Love is the greatest, the highest experience in life, but you have never experienced it, have you? The saints have said, 'Love is God'. What they meant was not the lower form of love which we know, but that experience which is a result of unity, born of the experience of the Self and inner peace, when you have come completely devoid of the lower ego. This inner peace cannot be bought in any supermarket. Of course, sometimes you may find one packet of chocolate, marked, 'Inner Peace' in beautiful golden letters, but that cannot be inner peace, because inner peace cannot be had from outside.

Inner peace is an expression of what is already in you - your being, your centre or nucleus. There is a reservoir of peace deep within you. It is not an idea, it is not a philosophy. There is some place, some point, some spot where there is a fountain of joy and we should be able to tap that source. This experience is homogeneous, that is, all experiences are experienced at the same time, and although you stay separate, you begin to realise and understand that you and the macro cosmos are one.

It is the destination which we have to reach sooner or later, and it is to achieve this greatest experience of life that throughout the world hundreds and thousands of people, irrespective of their religious faith and political ideologies are working.