New Year's Message

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Hari Om,

What have your resolutions been for the New Year?
In your list only two types of items will have been mentioned:

the bad that you wish to leave behind
the good that you wish to receive

Why try to leave behind something which is part of your nature? Why try to gain something which is already inherent within you?


Even dropping anything brings pain, while acquiring brings satisfaction, which is the prelude to pain, and those who say to leave behind do not understand this simple principle.


If you wish to leave anything behind then make sure that you leave behind the pain.
Yet, why even worry about that?
You will be what you will be.


In the world there is only attainment, no loss.
What do you think as you climb a ladder?
Once your foot finds a step the previous step is automatically left behind.


In action, the process of leaving behind appears to be predominant, but in reality, attainment will be first and foremost.


Initially, the first rung of the ladder is left but prior to that the second rung has already been surmounted. Only after knowing, "I have attained the next rung", is the previous one left behind.


So, think of mounting higher steps and the rest will be left behind naturally.


Come and develop the Yogic Vision.
For only when you develop the ability to see
the steps and jewels in front of you,
only when you are able to see the front,
will you be able to leave anything behind.


Good wishes for the New Year