We would like to inform our readers that Paramahamsa Satyananda's Tyag Golden Jubilee and a World Yoga Convention will be held at the Bihar School of Yoga from 1st to 4th November 1993.

From time to time a special kind of man is born on earth who leaves society to gain greatness of spirit, and then return to the world to aid others who are suffering, or who may themselves wish to Follow the spiritual path. The world has a great history of such spiritual benefactors dating back to the Vedic Rishis, to the biblical prophets and seers, to Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammed, and more recently Paramahamsa Yogananda, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Swami Sivananda. One of these great saints of recent times is Paramahamsa Satyananda who has most strongly advocated the integration of Yoga into society, and encouraged the spiritual evolution of all people.

Right from birth he showed extra ordinary spiritual and practical qualities which would one day guide spiritual aspirants all over the globe. In the year 1943 his spiritual yearning as a young man propelled him to search for the Guru who could guide him. This Gum was discovered in the form of Swami Sivananda at Rishikesh. There the young man dedicated himself to the service of his Guru with utmost zeal and became known as Swami Satyananda. A scholar with sharp intellect and quick wit, he exhibited tremendous organisational, practical, spiritual and leadership qualities.

Recognising the special God-given qualities in him, his Guru, Swami Sivananda, blessed him and said of him, 'Swami Satyananda is full of the Nachiketas element. Few could have such vairagya at such a young age. He is an ideal sadhak and nishkama sevak'. After attaining full spiritual maturity, Swami Satyananda, left his Guru's ashram as a Paramahamsa sannyasin with a mandate from his Guru to propagate the yogic vision 'From Door to Door and Shore to Shore'.

In 1963, twenty years after renouncing the world and perfecting his spiritual experiences, Paramahamsa Satyananda established the Bihar School of Yoga at Munger, which became the focal point of yogic experience for people from all over the world. From here, Paramahamsa Satyananda, with devotion to the ideals of Swami Sivananda, matched by his untiring energy, dedicated himself to disseminating this evolutionary culture of the world.

In order to fulfil his Guru's mandate, Paramahamsa Satyananda embarked on many world tours, inspiring countless aspirants to tread the yogic path. He also initiated thousands into sannyasa and karma sannyasa, providing them with yogic vision. Under his inspiration, over five hundred small yoga groups and many ashrams developed in India and different countries- He became one of the first yogic masters to translate the ancient yogic principles and techniques into modern scientific language by inspiring research into the healing principles of Yoga.

In 1983, after fulfilling the mandate of Swami Sivananda and creating a world of Yoga, Paramahamsa Satyananda handed over all the responsibilities and obligations of a Yoga master, Guru and guide, to his disciple, Paramahamsa Niranjanananda. He then left all that he had created, never to look back, and took up the life of a Paramahamsa sadhak.

From the day that Paramahamsa Niranjanananda received his Guru's mantle and took over the reigns of organisation, he also exhibited the same determined will to fulfil the mandate of his Guru, Paramahamsa Satyananda. As his Guru was leaving the ashram for the last time, he said to him. 'Now the ashram, the mission, all my life's work are in your hands. If you are able to look after them well, they will grow'. And that is precisely what has happened. Under the inspiring and guiding hand of Paramahamsa Niranjanananda, the ashram, the mission and the Yoga movement have taken on a definite shape and are moving forward into a new era of yogic and spiritual vision.

The year 1993 is an important one, for it is simultaneously the 50th anniversary of the renunciation of Paramahamsa Satyananda, and the vision of Yoga which was inspired in him by Swami Sivananda. To celebrate the achievements of the last fifty years, during which the seeds have been planted for man's spiritual evolution, a World Yoga Convention will be held in Munger under the auspices of the Bihar School of Yoga Spiritual leaders, scientists, doctors, educators, and eminent people from all walks of life will attend this meeting, to share their knowledge and Inspiration. In this way, a united plan to guide aspirants towards spiritual evolution, peace and happiness will be formulated.

This noble event will be held from 1st to 4th November 1993, under the leadership of Paramahamsa Niranjanananda, and will be called the Tag Golden Jubilee and World Yoga Convention. Its programme will include lectures, discussion groups and mass meetings to discuss yogic principles, techniques, their influence on the individual and society. An exposition of books on related subjects will also be featured. Further, Paramahamsa Niranjanananda, the successor of Paramahamsa Satyananda, will give a detailed exposition of the ancient Kriya Systems of Yoga.

We invite you to join us in creating the success of this event by helping in any way that you can. Feel free to contact the convention committee For any enquiries and suggestions, and most important of all, do come to receive the blessings that the work of Dharma sheds on all it touches.