Impressions of BSY

Sima Tiwari, Bokaro, Bihar

Only two kinds of people can have the temerity to critically analyse BSY. The first kind consists of the true, dedicated sadhak, somewhat realised in his own right, who can fully comprehend the activities of BSY and pass judgement on it. The second kind consists of the totally non-aware, worldly-wise and 'practical' grihastha, who views this place with his own vision, and declares how much priority may he given to such an institution, which apart from being a health resort is a waste of time and energy, with due respects to BSY.

For the likes of me, who lies between the two poles, it is unthinkable and impossible to air my views on the work of BSY, so overwhelmed am I by the tremendous vision and direction of its work. However, it is not just my state of mind. I have seen the results before my own eyes. I saw semi-cripples being able to walk without support in fifteen days. I saw dying spirits catch up with the others within a week, demoralised human, beings develop a strong sense of self-worth after coming here, I saw unruly behaviour get transformed into one of peaceful coexistence, and people who were racked by asthma recover. I saw a distinct sharpening of dull minds. I saw people derive strength to overcome their emotional problems, depressed and hopeless people generate a zest to live and work towards a purpose.. the list could go on and on.

None of this could have been achieved without the clarity of purpose, clockwork precision of work, sense of discipline and 'attachment with detachment' on the part of BSY inmates, who disturbed their routine to accommodate the noisy and basically undisciplined hoarders. Most of all, the presence of a more than father ... a divine figure ... in whom everyone could find a protector and deliverer, went all the way to convince the students that they were in the right place and hands.

The physical beauty of BSY, its serenity and tidiness, affected all, forcing them to question the rights and wrongs of the environment we have created around our houses. For many people BSY has sowed the seeds of healthy, simple and aesthetic living coupled with high and disciplined thinking - something no amount of teaching in schools and sloganeering could achieve. BSY has forced many people into introspection which will gradually change the course of their lives. And all without any preaching, holier-than-thou attitude or condescension.

The temporary cut-off from newspapers and TV is a blessing in disguise. Many people have resolved to restrict TV viewing after their stay at BSY.

Many people have left BSY with the conviction and determination that 'We will always be happy Nothing can get our spirits down. There is nothing in this world to be depressed about'. Can any institution hope for anything higher, by way of results?