The Indian culture is unique because her people live by faith, not a blind faith in idols, but a faith in their own capacity as incarnate divine beings. Life in India is soundly based in right living and high thinking; the concept of 'dharma' (one's own path in life) is rooted in the Vedas and every Indian is aware that he has a path to follow in life.

This is why the social and economic realities are not viewed in absolute terms here, quite unlike the western countries. Capitalism and Communism are recognized not as opposing systems, but as limited definitions where the conflict exists only in the lower realm of the human mind.

Indian life is lived in a higher realm of the mind, with awareness of God or the higher reality even in the midst of daily life. How else could India carry the burden of such a high percentage of the world's people with a minimum of global resources? And where else has such a society of contradictions survived?

The average Indian possesses a unique viewpoint on events and ideologies which are only considered as barriers in the material dimension, never in the higher realms of the mind. Indians are aware of the higher reality, which western psychologists are trying to probe with EEG's and GSR's. Because they accept all as God's will, they allow intrusion by foreigners, while adhering to their own beliefs. The simplest villager in India will accept a stranger warmly, for it is his divine duty to welcome all who step onto Indian soil.

Miracles still occur every day in India, by virtue of the faith of the people in the immanence of God. Saints and enlightened beings still live a physical existence here. By and large, the Indian people do not share the western view that man is in a helpless predicament; they know that he lives and walks with God.

For the Indian people, life is nothing but completeness and beauty - satyam, shivam, sundaram. God realization is merely closing the eyes and trying to see him. Divinity is a state of transformed consciousness - 'I am that.' This is why the Indian culture possesses such a resistance to the inroads of decay, just as a healthy body can fight infection unaided.