My Experience with Amaroli

Ramesh Chandra Gupta, Jamalpur

During October, 1972, my seven month old daughter developed a swelling behind her left ear. I had been familiar with amaroli for some time and had experienced good results with it, both on myself and other members of my family. I had used it to successfully treat such ailments as dandruff, burns, bee stings, skin diseases and asthma. So in view of the many beneficial effects previously obtained from the use of amaroli, my wife and I decided to try this wonder medicine on the baby.

We agreed as well to always maintain contact with the local child specialist, but not to mention anything to him regarding the amaroli treatment. When we consulted the doctor, he was of the firm opinion that the swelling was a swollen lymph gland. He said that either it would subside or it would grow bigger and finally burst. But he reassured us that it was not very serious and advised us not to worry too much about it.

After this we began amaroli treatment. We had the child drink the wonder medicine about three or four times every day. After about a fortnight the swelling had grown to a diameter of about 1½ inches, and it was red in colour. In about three weeks time it looked ready to rupture. We consulted the doctor after the second week and again after the third week, at which time he declared it safe to burst. At first we tried using a compress soaked in warm urine, but the child was not able to tolerate the pain, due either to the heat of the pad, or the minimal pressure we were exerting.

However, a friend came to assist us, and suggested we compress the boil with a sterile pad soaked in cold super-saturated boric acid solution. With prayers to the almighty, we applied the compress softly and carefully to the boil, which by now had taken on the appearance of a small, red, ripe tomato. In about one half hour the boil burst and about half a cupful of pus oozed out. We continued compressing throughout the night. In about ten days the wound was completely healed.

Some interesting features of this experiment are worth mentioning:

  1. There was very little deterioration in the child's general health.
  2. Except for the three days before the boil burst, she did not cry in pain. She slept comfortably and experienced no unusual disturbances during the night.
  3. Right through the day she carried on with her normal activities. There was none of the unusual behaviour which is often observed in children during sickness.
  4. There was no fever.
  5. Although the swelling around the area persisted for ten days after the boil burst, it was painless.
  6. Last but not least, the child is now nine years old. She possesses good sound health and has not suffered from any sort of serious illness. Whenever she gets a fever it does not last more than two or three days. And at the onset of any physical symptoms, without any qualms or hesitation she goes right on amaroli.