Questions & Answers

When I am healthy and happy thanks to yoga, why should I renounce?

You should not renounce when you see no reason or have no desire to do so.

Are real sannyasins born or made?

Highly evolved souls may be born as sannyasins, but the average person gradually evolves towards the state of renunciation.

Are all candidates acceptable for sannyas?

The guru accepts all who come to him with an open and receptive mind, who are prepared to surrender their preconceived ideas.

Is there any age qualification for sannyas?

No, but sannyas life is easier for those who are young at heart.

When should one take sannyas?

Those who are destined for the higher life are propelled by an inner compulsion which leaves little room for doubt. When the desire for sannyas awakens strongly, they should seek initiation from the guru and then follow him into a new life.

What must the sannyasin avoid and adhere to in order to progress quickly?

He should adhere to one thing only - the guru's instructions, and he should avoid anything which he knows from experience will detract from his spiritual awareness.

Does the sannyasin suffer greatly due to lack of material possessions?

In the light of higher consciousness, material possessions become insignificant. Only those who are bound in material consciousness feel that sannyasins are suffering, but in truth it is the opposite.

Should a sannyasin attempt to please his supporters?

A sannyasin does not seek to please others but to fulfil a mission. The needs and not the pleasures of his supporters are important to him.

How does the sannyasin remain unaffected in every situation?

By having continually cultivated detachment from the intellectual and emotional reactions of his mind.

What does it mean when they say that sannyasins are dead to worldly life?

When a sannyasin gains control of the mind, his emotions and senses, he opens himself up to a depth of experience so rich and full, that the mundane consciousness appears dull, lifeless and lacking in feeling.

How does a real sannyasin live?

He lives as he is, in absolute fullness of experience. He needs nothing, yet has everything and is capable of taking and giving as necessary. It is said traditionally that a sannyasin, if he allows the mood to take him, can level mountains, yet without need, nothing could induce him to lift even a pin.