Message to New Sannyasins

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Sannyas is not merely an order
It is a complete spiritual life -
Both exoteric and esoteric.
Manifestation of unqualified consciousness takes place
And the light of atman shines.

Why sadhana for a sannyasin
Let him stand as a witness
Let him stand as a non-doer.

Various yoga practices
Constitute gross practices for a sannyasin -
For these practices do not eradicate
The dross of inner life
Nor do they bring the knowledge
Of the true spirit.

A sannyasin should enter into ashram life
And stay there for quite a long period
In a life of spirit and service
And thus render himself
Humble and egoless.

For a sannyasin
There is nothing as sadhana
And nothing as an ultimate
Even the state of turiya
Is non-existent for a sannyasin
Because sannyas is to attain total equilibrium.

Spiritual state is eternal
It is always there
This a sannyasin has to know.

Renounce the' sacred thread
And chop the tuft
And renounce the association
With the previous relations
Together with caste, tribe, sect.
All these constitute the gross man.

Gradually the stages of sannyas will manifest
Spirit of service will unfold
Various stages of sannyas.
Guru is the master key for a sannyasin.

Do not go the wrong way
When you are convalescing
Do not ignore the rules in sannyas.
Live by yourself
Free from attachment
Do not attend marriage ceremony
Burial ceremony, ancestral worship.
Very few can see why.

When sannyas blooms
And knowledge dawns
And power unfolds
It sanctifies history and posterity
One single sannyasin
Can be the creator of an epoch
A seer of intuition
And a master mind of traditions.

Keeping this ablaze in your mind
Step into sannyas.