The Inner Vision

When spiritual consciousness develops through sannyas life, one begins to live in accordance with an inner vision. This is an added dimension of consciousness which the worldly person never enters. For the sannyasin, the events of outer life are only a reflection of the inner dimension. This inner life cannot he really understood by one who is not initiated into spiritual perception, because it cannot be experienced directly through the mind and senses. Sannyas exists to free the mind of its bondages, and associations, so the spiritual consciousness within can awaken. The worldly life tends to multiply these associations rather than eliminate them, but by sannyas life they are reduced so that the inner vision can be sustained.

The development of inner vision varies according to the nature of the sannyasin. Some immediately evolve to the psychic dimension and develop it without much effort - entering into it naturally. Others develop it very slowly. Some sannyasins are able to be totally aware of an object inside themselves. Without even thinking about it, they just see it clearly in front of their mind. This is the beginning of inner vision. The realised sannyasin has evolved this sixth sense tremendously, and sees the whole world with different eyes. He perceives the essence of all, the unity which is underlying the diversity of creation.

Awakening the pure love

Pure love is really a reflection of a higher state of consciousness. The sannyasin comes to a point of realisation where he loves all people and all creation purely and equally. This state develops gradually as egoism diminishes through practice of detachment and humility. Disinterested love, without personal attachment, leads on to the experience of equal love for all. In this way the sannyasin is able to feel the same love for people who love him as for complete strangers. This is a state of realisation or universal love.

Although people often feel that the sannyasin loves them, he feels no attachment at all inside, and no identification on a personal level. He is simply living in this world but he is not of it. He no longer identifies with personal ego which ties one down to mundane conceptions, and is carried by the higher forces which manifest through him no matter where he is or what he is doing. He becomes a vehicle through which the higher life can manifest on this earthly plane. For the sannyasin there is no longer any choice or sentiment involved. There is no alternative but to love according to the dictates of the higher life manifesting through him, moving him to act. This may be very difficult to understand at first, but once you are completely dedicated to it, everything becomes clear.

Getting more from life Sannyas provides a way to awaken the power to live on this earth with a higher consciousness. When one lives on a higher plane of consciousness, the awareness is greater, and therefore the enjoyment is greater; the sensation is greater and the gratification is infinite. What little the sannyasin gets from life is too much for him. It is only when you live on the lower plane of consciousness that however much you get from life is too little, because you are always insecure, fearing that you will lose it all again.

The sannyasin realises that there is great wisdom in insecurity. He does not shun this creation, but understands it better, using it to build inner security, by mastery over his mind. The sannyasin lives on the higher plane of existence, operating in this beautiful world while embodying the beautiful ideals of purity and compassion which most people only talk about. One must live the higher life to make these idealistic phrases a reality.