G. S. Macrae, Australia

Divine guru of limitless love
How can my finite words describe your endlessness
And my mind comprehend your being?
For you dwell not in the play of words
Nor in the reasoning of the mind
But in the very soul of creation,
A boundless consciousness
Of love and understanding of all things.
And through your compassion, you take on a body
To help and be the servant of all.
Yet in your flawlessness,
You sometimes act like one ignorant
And appear like an ordinary man.
You eat and drink, show anger and laughter
Though absorbed in eternal bliss.
You live deep within us
And without us as well.
You are the essence of all creation
But you go unrecognised even by your own disciples
Who know not your true power and glory.
Some think of you as a great man,
Full of peace, knowledge and power
But this is just a fraction of your glory.
They look at the external not seeing within,
For it is here that the treasure lies.
You are the supreme consciousness
Brought down to earth,
For the upliftment of all mankind.