Guru Poornima falls annually on the full moon day of July, and is celebrated by all the disciples throughout India as well as in other parts of the world where people are devoted to a guru. This day comes once a year to revitalise the individual, to recharge the willpower, purify the year's accumulation of impurities, and remind the spiritual aspirant of the aim, so that he or she can maintain the spiritual practices and stay firmly on the path.

It is very natural and understandable that an average person leading a householder life, having a family and various social commitments, tends to become side-tracked from the spiritual path which he or she is trying to follow. We need to look after ourselves as a whole - physically, mentally and spiritually. However, in normal social life, especially in the city, one is surrounded by all kinds of negative, disharmonious influences, as well as the internal problem of one's own personality. In such an environment it is very difficult to maintain peace of mind and consistency of spiritual practice by oneself. When an aspirant loses this spiritual equilibrium and becomes attached to unstable forces, real problems begin. And of course there is no point in running away from the problems of the worldly life to which you are committed, for that is merely a denial of your own weaknesses, which must be faced sooner or later.

What is needed is a greater and higher source of strength to help you keep in mind the aim and to help maintain the spiritual practices. This is the key to real everlasting life, and the means of finding enjoyment and contentment in daily life. Guru Poornima is the revitalising and purifying force which uplifts us and gives us spiritual strength for the coming year, and which reminds us of our aim.

On Guru Poornima spiritual seekers or disciples all get together in a holy and pure place such as an ashram to pay homage to their guru. In turn the guru meditates and projects his spiritual force to uplift the disciples' energy, awaken their minds and show them the light. The guru gives instruction to the disciples according to their states of evolution.

An internal union takes place between the guru and disciple. Mind melts into mind, and heart into heart. They both experience a pure state of love and union, which is really hard to describe in writing. The extent of this union depends on how much the disciple is prepared to give and receive. As much as the disciple gives himself or empties himself, so much he receives or is filled up by the guru's grace. The guru is totally receptive and totally generous, so the depth of exchange depends totally on the disciple.

The disciple surrenders to the guru all his earthly attachments and personality faults, and throws himself, mind, body and heart into the guru's divine love. In turn, the guru gives the disciple the blessings of detachment, strength and understanding, and the pure love which shows him the way to the eternally pure abode of god within. The disciple then experiences the continual flow of bliss as long as he lives on this earthly plane, and his journey through life becomes safe until he has reached union with god at the completion of his earthly duty.

When the gates are open the incomings and outgoings are comfortable and free. When the windows are shiny and clean then the view of nature is clear and satisfying. In the same way when the gates of your heart are open, then the pure and divine love flows in and out freely without any faltering or cessation, and the window of the mind is kept clean by pure understanding.

This is an experience you will only know by coming to the guru openly, and by fully giving yourself. Empty yourself so that you can be fulfilled.