High on Waves

On Guru Poornima the guru touches the heart of all disciples.
Be ready; open your heart and mind.
Be aware of receiving the blessing.

There are two circumstances in life,
favourable and unfavourable.
The tamoguni (lazy man) always seeks the favourable.
The rajoguni (active man) always tries to change the unfavourable to the favourable.
But the sattvoguni (pure man) maintains balance in both.

All of us want happiness and favourable conditions.
However circumstances change, not according to our own will but due to conditions over which we have no control.
The desire to modify situations to suit our individual purposes indicates an inability to tolerate unfavourable circumstances.

When the family members are pleased with us,
we are happy.
If they disagree and oppose us, we feel sad.
This means that we can only progress in favourable conditions.
As soon as difficulties arise, our path is blocked.

But the truth is that favourable circumstances make us weak.
While difficult situations sharpen the mind and make us strong.
Adversity nourishes mental strength, equilibrium and stability,
Absorbed in one-pointedness, be unaffected by change.
Only the progress made while facing opposition is everlasting.

If anyone insults us, our first impulse is to strike back or throw off the unpleasantness,
everyone does this.
Then what is the difference between us and the insult?
When people accuse and blame us,
what is the use of getting irritated
and trying to prove them wrong?
Better not to even discuss it with others.
What does it matter if people think highly of us or not?

If we cannot bear insult, blame and abuse then we lack tolerance, endurance and mental equilibrium.
When we cannot even stand up to these little things in life how will we manage to overcome the big oppositions and obstacles?
How will we ever be able to cross the great barrier of ego, lust, anger, greed, attachment and desire?

Be attentive now and listen carefully to this Guru Poornima message.
At each step of life, learn to maintain inner peace.
Let the whole world abuse you, but remain balanced within.

You may wish to be always in favourable and inspiring places and circumstances.
But remember, changing times and situations beyond your control will one day move you easily into miserable conditions.
At that time you will realize that your efforts to keep yourself in comfortable and pleasant surroundings, even your spiritual sadhana, have all been in vain.

Make a firm resolve now:
Oh God! put me in miserable circumstances.
Give me the garland of insults and abuse.
Pinch my ego with taunts, blame and shame that
I may become strong enough to stand up to any adversity without losing balance.
May I be so strong that I can maintain equilibrium, stability and inner peace in the face of any odds, forever.

And if you are still desirous of affection, love, appreciation, recognition and praise
then, from today, leave this sadhana path.
Be firm in your resolve, either way.