High on Waves

I was wandering in darkness.
You gave me light, showed the way.
You aroused emotions; I was excited.
You gave me voice; I started to sing.
You gave me inspiration; I progressed.
You pointed out the direction; I turned.
You gave me beauty; I lost myself in it.
You gave me a desire I couldn't satisfy.
You gave me all the love I wanted.
You gave me detachment to renounce the world and follow you.
You held me close and I merged in you.
Actually you have done everything.
What have I done, can you tell me?

This body of five elements,
Birth in the world of sensual enjoyments,
The many activities which result from different situations,
Inspiration which leads to progress in life,
The power of logic, discourse, acquired knowledge of the self,
Infatuation with different theories, success and failure,
All were given by you, nothing was mine.

I desired wealth but you have given me poverty.
I wished for success but you have given me failure.
I wanted love but you have thrown me out.
I wanted friendship but you have given me enmity.
I wanted life and joy but you cave me suffering and death.
I had ambitions but they were not fulfilled,
Due to the fluctuations of time.
Everything I ever possessed in life was stolen,
As I watched it happen with wide open eyes.
I have no control over nature, myself, nor of you.
Who then is responsible for my actions? Me or you?