The Golden City

Swami Nirvikalpa Saraswati (age 17, Swedish)

"I want a ticket to Nirvikalpa,"
I said to the station man.
He smiled, and replied:
"I can't sell such tickets;
they can only be given,
without money and without price."

"But please, show me the way", I begged.
"God placed it at the end of the rainbow,
at the fairy place beyond the clouds,
where all the different colours are one again",
was his reply.

"But the way", I asked,
"is it east or west?
Is it far or near to Nirvikalpa?"
And he said, "whatever path you choose,
you will sooner or later find it."

"But the quickest way", I asked,
"where is that?"
And he said, "It's different for all.
Buddha would suggest the eight-fold path,
Lao-Tse the middle path between yin and yang,
And Christ the path of love.
But I would suggest the inner path,
because this it the greatest path of all.

It's important that you follow your own path,
the natural path of your dharma;
It you follow the eight-fold path,
it will eventually led you to Nirvikalpa,
because all paths are in reality one and the same.

But you might fall on stones,
which Buddha easily avoided,
because it was the path of his dharma;
and you might be delayed there for centuries.
So follow the inner path,
the path of your own intuition;
this is the shortest way to Nirvikalpa."

"Tell me about the way"', I begged,
"is it easy or difficult to reach there?"
And he said, "The beginning can be hard,
before you perceive the light,
the first dim lights from the golden city of Nirvikalpa.

But once you have seen it,
the way is easy to find.
Just follow the light -
you will see it shining strong and bright,
the nearer to it you reach.

Here and there are mountains in your way,
and they may be hard to get over.
You may even doubt that Nirvikalpa exists,
when the mountains are so high.
That you sometimes can't perceive the light at all.
But just stick to the way,
and you will eventually reach Nirvikalpa.

The best is to have somebody
who can show you the path over the mountains;
and guard you from evil hobbits along the way.
Because in the forests of the subconscious
Many evil spirits dwell, and you might get lost.
To make the safest journey, first seek a guru."

"What is it like in Nirvikalpa?" I asked,
"please tell me about the golden city."
And he smiled and shook his head,
"My dear, it's a place beyond words.

But use the ticket Aum,
and follow the inner path.
One day you will perceive the light,
which comes from the paradise of Nirvikalpa.
And once there you will stay,
for God won't let you run away again."

Nirvikalpa is the final state of samadhi, the state when even the wonderful visions and experiences of higher meditation are renounced, as even they are only modifications of the mind. Only pure awareness of the Self is left.