This magazine is for sharing and communicating our ideas and your ideas with a world-wide readership. Its purpose is to help each person realize and unleash the vast potential that lies dormant within. The aim is to break down this feeling of 'we' and 'you' so that all people come to a deeper realization of being more closely linked than seems obvious from external appearances. Verily we are all part of the same stream or flow of being that can be called consciousness.

Yoga magazine is for everyone, and we want to share it with everybody in the whole world. Once you have read it, please pass it on to another friend, relative or associate and let him or her pass it on again. Yoga should never stop to accumulate dust in a corner or on a shelf. Let Yoga travel until it is worn out and a new issue arrives to resume the journey. Let us open the door of yoga to everybody, whether they already know about it and are interested or not. Yoga is the friend of all, the need of our present time. This magazine may be only a small contribution, but our mission is vast. Everyone should know that yoga, the means to a higher life, really exists and can be incorporated in their lives. Only then can humanity be inspired to start working together as a whole force in a gigantically powerful surge to create heaven, divine life, on earth.

This magazine is an updated form of Yoga Monthly Journal, which was previously printed and published by our press in Rajnandgaon, Central India, under the direction of Ma Dharmashakti. Yoga is now being printed and published by our press, Ashram Graphics, in the Bihar School of Yoga, Monghyr. All editing, composing, printing, binding and despatch are done by the resident swamis and students of the Bihar School of Yoga. Yoga magazine will be published every month and will contain at lest sixty-four pages.

In this magazine we hope to promote yoga as a way of life for all. The practices, guidelines and ideals of yoga are so simple and perfect that when explained in a correct and systematic way, they can be understood and incorporated into the lives of every man, woman and child regardless of age, nationality, creed or capacity.

We are interested in hearing from you, to share your ideas and responses. Your participation in this magazine is vital; is what makes it yours, as well as a valid instrument of communication. Your letters, whatever they may contain; questions, answers, comments, inquiries, new outlooks and ideas, information, criticism, will form this editorial. No matter who you are or what you do, we look forward to hearing from you.

The January issue of Yoga is a special volume because it is the first one to be released by our printing press in Monghyr. This month and next month only, Yoga will contain all the speeches of Swami Satyananda, Swami Amritananda and guest speakers given during the 1976 World Yoga Convention which was held in Sydney, Australia.