O God, Bless this Yogi

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

There is no false pomposity in Swami Sivananda’s appearance; there is no secret in his yoga; no selfishness in his love; no arrogance in his work – he is lauded and loved the world over for the example he has shown of what it is to live as a simple and good person. ‘Simple living, pure thinking, good work, good inclination’ – this has been the goal of his yoga, his dharma, philosophy and teaching; to understand this he took recourse to many different sadhanas.

For sure there are many practices in Sivananda yoga, but they all aid in the attainment of a noble life, righteous thinking and behaviour infused with good actions. What better purpose or goal can any religion or philosophy have than that? This is the definition of moksha or liberation; this is the distinguishing feature of a liberated existence; this is the challenge of realizing the soul, and life’s ultimate progress finds fruition in this very state.

This is why Sivananda yoga is a complete, pure yoga, a yoga which brings auspiciousness and aids in living a full life. O God, bless this yogi with eternal life!

Published in Sivam Satyam Sundaram